Saturday, March 29, 2008


There are two kinds of people in this world - the ones who like this blog and the ones who would do anything to slaughter its authors. For your own sake, you'd better belong to the first class.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

devious spirits of life

Belief in immortality of Pure Consciousness is the sole route to the attainment of Moksha. From time immemorial, UFOs have attempted to make contact with Earthlings in the Quest for Spirituality. They do not know that Man is hedonistic. There is a Spirit inside everyone and there are countless Spirits around you, roaming the carnal world endlessly. They are trying to find a way to escape the torture and pass over to the Brilliantine Land, the realm of the God of the Dead. Not many people know that the Brick Mansion is one of the safe passages to the Land. The Spirit inside every astral body is manifested as vibrations of the non-physical body. These energy patterns are called the Aura by Seers. The Aura of a human being depends on his or her Etheric Body which is electrical in nature.To harness this Power and to get a guaranteed free passage to the Land when your Spirit has finally transcended your physical body, please leave $50 at the front desk. Thank you.

Friday, October 19, 2007

confusion rules.

Hello out there in the real world! Hi All! My girlfriend is gonna call me up anytime now... And so is my boyfriend. My cat is called Boogie-Pal-Dunkin-Donut. I don't have a cat. My cactus plant is taking revenge on my roommate. Oh heck, no, I'm being tortured by the cactus plant. It liiiiikes me!! :( :( :( I've got to give a seminar. Poor thingy meeee. NO, poor thingy me. I've a spl it perso nality. I don't even have a single nationality. I could be considered armenian, italian, german or chilean or even indian. I'm so frustrated and ......... Hey, leave room for me to type. I can have this whole damn page and stop complaining like a baby. Okay, go and tell my girlfriend to call soon. She can call me only after I've hung up the phone. And I'm talking to hamburg right now. Who's hamburg? My special friend. Who am I? I'm the alien king of afrika. Bless you all.